To Build or Tear Down

Have you ever built anything in your life? Building is tough strategic work. To build something you must plan, be patient and work hard. On the flip side to tear something down, all you must do is figure out how to get it apart or destroy it. Building is harder, therefore fewer people are builders especially when it comes to the work of people’s lives. The Lord says that He will build His Church and He is not talking about church building but the real Church, the people that make up the Church. He is working to build you and me, to make us what He has called us to be. He has also called us to join Him in this work, it is a work of edification. We are to work hard at taking the people just like us, who have come out of sinful lives and are suffering from the pain and hurt that sin causes and help them get over it and on to a life with purpose.
Look around you today and see the people that God has called and remember that these people, we the people of the Church are a people who are under construction and our mission is to construct, to build up not tear down. This means that instead of always pointing out failure we must focus and draw attention to potential and the future that God has instore. Today you get to decide if you are going to be on the wrecking crew or the construction crew and I hope you will be an edifier, a builder for the Kingdom of God. I hope that you will allow God to use your life to help someone be more like Jesus. Find someone today that you can encourage and start working to build them up, join God in building His Church.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus