Homecoming 2021

The word Homecoming evokes a lot of thoughts and emotions. At church when you hear the word homecoming being used to describe an upcoming worship service it usually means that you are going to have good singing, good preaching and a great meal with lots of food and fellowship to follow. When you get married and move away from your family and hear the word homecoming it means that you are going back to your family home and see your parents, brothers and sisters and their children. Which this is always a fun time of hanging out and catching up on all that has happened over the last year or period that has lapsed between the last time you had visited. Then, there is the time when your parents pass and are no longer at the ole home place, and there is not a place to go where you can visit them, talk to them or give them a hug. When this happens, a homecoming means there must be a home-going first. When time takes its toll and death invades our ranks, there is a gulf that separates us from those we love and want so desperately to talk to and give a hug. So, when I say Homecoming today, I think of a time when death no longer separates, a time when I able to sit down with those who have gone on before and see them in a place that is glorious, being in a body that knows no pain, and where time has no end. The place that really is my home, I call it home, yet I have never seen it, and I say I am going home, yet I have never been there before. It is my home because it is the place where those I love and long to see are at. You see home is not a place to be, but rather the people I long to see.
“I am going Home, I am going home, never more to roam, I am going home where I belong.” One day we are going home to a place that has been prepared for us by the Lord. Thank you, God, for making the way for us to have a homecoming to look forward to.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus