Pastor's Article Oct. 3, 2021

Weekly Article
Over the past few years, I have realized more than any other time in my life how blessed I have been to have had Herman and Carolyn Marcus as my parents. To have had parents that loved me and lived their life working hard to show me that throughout my life was a tremendous blessing. Then I consider how blessed I am to have a heavenly Father who has given me so much and has made promises that are absolute of a wonderful future. Think about the love of the Father for you, the price He has paid for your salvation, the comfort of the Holy Spirit of God in your life, the direction through the Word of God and the provision of the Family of God to go through this world with you. The love of God is amazing, especially when you consider what we deserve verses what He has given us. As the troubles and trials of this life increase, please remember that the love of God prevails and should never be doubted due to living in a sin cursed world.

When Job was living a dedicated life to God, Satan accused of Him of serving God for naught. Meaning that Satan’s accusation was that Job was only serving God because of God’s blessings on Him. As I think about that accusation, I often question my own reasons for serving the Lord. Could it be that there are times in my life that I love God and serve Him because of His goodness in my life? The answer is yes, but my prayer is that I grow in my life and that I get to a place where no matter what happens, no matter what I go through, my faith and commitment grow in such a way that I am faithful and thankful no matter the circumstances of my life. God is so good to me, but when life doesn’t feel good it does not change the fact that God is good and that He has and will be good to me always. He is my Father and will only allow in my life that which is good and right for me. I want to remind you as a child of God that you are loved and that is regardless of bad things that may happen to you. Rev. Wayne Marcus

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