Pastor's Article Oct. 31, 2021

I found this article on Questions Answered that gives a little of the history behind Halloween that I thought you might enjoy. “Halloween's origins date back almost 2,000 years to a Celtic pagan festival known as Samhain (pronounced 'sah-win' or sah-ween'). This was a time for communities to come together at the end of the harvest to gather provisions for the long winter months ahead. Fires were burned and animals brought in from pasture. It is said that the dead were also honored at this time since the veil between worlds was thinnest. This ritual later turned into or influenced All Souls'  Day, designated later in the ninth century by the Christian church as a time to honor the dead.
Halloween has changed much over the years. Religious influence over the years has encouraged people to celebrate the holiday in a different way. Much of the pagan roots of Halloween were lost in the popular commercialization of the holiday. Parents were encouraged to steer away from grotesque costumes, and it became more of a children's holiday in America. There are many differences to what was celebrated during Samhain and All Souls' Day, but times have changed. Halloween is now a light-hearted and fun family holiday that everyone can enjoy.”
For us at Tom’s Creek we do the Fall Festival to allow the community to come meet our church family and give the kids a safe and secure alternative to going from door-to-door trick or treating. Our prayer is that you will invite your family to come out tonight and have a good time with us as we pour love into our community.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus