Pastor's Article Jan. 9, 2022

There has always been a lot of confusion when it comes to believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. To be honest this has been greatly complicated and probably resulted in a lot of people dying and going to Hell with a false sense of security. So, let’s look at what it really means to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to start by reminding you that there is a vast difference in believing in Jesus Christ or believing of Jesus Christ. Anyone who studies history or is reasonably minded should believe without a doubt that Jesus Christ lived and walked on this earth 2000 years ago. Jesus is not an imaginary figure but was a real man that was born, lived and died a little over 2000 years ago. History records this and of course his life and death have always been a reported fact. So, if you think that believing that Jesus was a real person who lived and died makes you a Christian you are badly mistaken. James says that the devils believe with fear and trembling and reminds us that this does not result in saving faith. 
Therefore, we need to understand what or how does a person believe unto salvation? It begins with understanding that we do not have within ourselves what is needed to be saved. We cannot save ourselves and must be given the righteousness that is required to enter heaven. We must also understand that Jesus Christ was perfect in every way He lived His life and that when He died, He did not die because of any wrong that He had committed, but willfully died to pay for the wrong that the rest of the people in the world throughout all ages had committed. He died to pay the sin cost of whosoever would believe or to use a synonym trust in Him. Did you get that to believe in Jesus means that you put your confidence, trust, or hope in the work that Jesus did for you. By faith you give up trying to save yourself and put all your hope in the finished work of Jesus Christ. This is putting your eternal life in the hands of God and following Him as the Lord of your life. To believe in Him is to choose to trust Him as the Savior and Lord of your life. Do the question, have you chosen to repent of your wrongdoing and self-reliance and by prayer ask Christ to take control of your life then by faith been able to trust that He has done that. If so you are apart of the family of God.                                    Rev. Wayne Marcus