Pastor's Article Feb. 6, 2022

Weekly Article
It is that time of year when people begin to think
about love, romance, and marriage. This is one of my favorite times of the year and yet I realize for some people this is a very difficult season. Wilson our Minister of Music said valentines to him is “single awareness day” to others who have lost a spouse to death it can be a very difficult time and to those who had a marriage that ended in divorce the subject of marriage can be an open wound. To me marriage is a wonderful subject and I love to teach, preach, and help people who may be working to grow in their marriage.
Marriage can be a lot like a garden, it takes a lot of work, you can get dirty and very tired working on it, but the result can be rewarding with lots of great produce in the end. It can also be like a garden in the fact that if it is not worked on it becomes neglected and overtaken with a lot of weeds and pest that devour and destroy it. I have concluded that most people who have been married and for some reason have lost their spouse either through death or divorce they face the harsh reality that marriage as difficult as it can be, is usually better than loneliness especially if at any time during their marriage, they had a relationship that worked as God intended. One of the most heartbreaking things in life is watching people live with a broken heart, as we discuss the work of having a good marriage today, please know that if you are married it requires diligent work and Satan is always looking for a way to destroy and divide what God has put together. Pray that God will speak to you through today’s message and give you a Holy Ghost determination to work daily to be the best spouse that you can possibly be.
Your Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus