Pastor's Article Feb. 27, 2022

What do you really own? Have you ever thought about what is truly yours, so much yours that you will never have to depart with it or leave it to someone else? The truth is almost everything we have is only ours for a short time. Give it some thought and consider the big things in your life such as your house, it may be yours and the banks for a while but even your house will have to be given up eventually. This was a tough one for my mom when she eventually got to the place where she could not keep up her home or live in it by herself. Your vehicles may be paid for but eventually they will be worthless or must be handed off to someone else. Your body seems to be something that should be yours, right; yet as you get older you will notice that even your health gives hints for what is going to soon take place.  Your soul has to say goodbye to a body that is no longer able to be inhabited by the living soul that you really are. The old saying is “you don’t see many hearses being followed by u-hauls” this is because the things of this world are only temporary.
The only thing that is really yours is your choice or decision concerning Christ. God has created us as free moral agents, which gives us the ability to decide what we will do with Christ. Will you accept Him as the Lord of your life and invest your life into eternity or will you reject Christ and be the lord of your own life and invest in this world that is quickly slipping from your grasp. If you choose to give up your life for Christ’s sake and live for Him, then you gain it all when you die. If you save your life and live it according to your own personal lordship when you die you lose it all, even eternal life. Remember what you really own is a choice that you must make, I pray you make a wise one.                                       
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus