Pastor's Article April 24, 2022

Weekly Article
My dad passed away a little over three years ago and my mom over a year ago and for the last couple of weeks I have really been missing them. I know this is normal and that there are many people who miss their deceased loved ones, but I have noticed that there are certain times of the year and certain places that make me think about them more. There are even smells and sounds that seem to make me think of special times I had with them. I was plowing my garden the other day and as I watched the dirt turn over behind the tractor I remembered standing on the tractor with my dad as he plowed the garden, the smell of the fresh dirt being turned over reminded me of the hours of work with my mom and dad when I was a child and how I hated the work but loved it when my dad would put me in his lap and say here you drive and let me take a break. It made me feel so big and grown up to be trusted with such a manly task. I can remember my mom’s smile of approval as she watched me work by my dad’s side. So, working in the garden, cutting firewood, burning brush and camping all make me think of the times I spent with mom and dad, although they are gone I feel closer to them when I am doing the things they enjoyed. There are also places and things that make me feel closer to the Lord; I know that God is always with me but when I am in church, I feel closer to the Lord, when I am witnessing or just helping someone with the hope that they understand the love of God. When I do what I know God loves it helps me sense His love in my life. So, for me to grow in His love I need to be in places doing things that I know make me more like Him. What about you?  Rev. Wayne Marcus