Pastor's Article May 22, 2022

Weekly Article
One of my greatest callings in life second to being a husband is that of being a father to my girls and grandfather to my grandkids. Tammy and I take very seriously the call on our life to be fruitful and multiply. God has called us as Christians to be fruitful and multiply and of course this means much more than just having kids. God wants us to reproduce fruitful, God fearing, Jesus’ loving, mission minded, God honoring disciples. It is the commission of every born-again Christian to raise people who live according to the Word of God and not the trends of the world. I beg of you to please take time to teach your children right from wrong, but then take the next step and teach them why things are right and wrong. Take the Word of God and teach them what God says and why what God says is more important than what any president, politician, teacher, or preacher may say. Today we are reaping the consequences of people who have taken ungodly teachings from professors, actors and politicians and formed their beliefs,  which has of course determined their behavior. This is reason we have people in political offices, teachers in classrooms, and leaders in churches instructing you how to live, while at the same time their life is a miserable disaster. As parents you should never trust someone to teach your children if their character or life is not in line with what is acceptable to God. Look at this verse and ask yourself if this is what you are applying to the education of your children. Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, (Ps 1:1) As you search for colleges, elect leaders and hire teachers, or preachers make sure you apply the principles of this verse to your decisions because those who lead the next generation shape the world, we will live in.                Your Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus