Pastor's Article Aug. 14, 2022

Weekly Article
Have you ever noticed how fascinated the world is with angels and at the same time stand offish toward Jesus? When someone dies people start talking about them receiving their angel wings, and people talk about being touched or visited by angels, they love the idea of angels and almost seem ashamed to mention the name of Jesus. I want you know on the authority of God’s Word that you will never be an angel and if you understand the future that we as Christians have been promised you are glad to hear that. Why the Bible does have a good bit to say about Angels, what many people in this world believe concerning angelic beings is nothing more than Hollywood misinformation and fallacy. Jesus is by far superior to these created beings referred to as angels and yet people don’t seem as concerned about what He has to say as they do their unrealistic ideas of an angel. The reason for this maybe that Jesus as the creator of all things, stands in authority over all creation, and as the judge of the whole world will send all ungodly people to eternal damnation. Jesus is the ultimate authority, and in a world that rebels against authority and likes the idea of being petted or ministered to, more than they do being held accountable for their decisions, King Jesus is not who people want to think about. Angels don’t judge, they don’t have that authority, thus they are a much more popular heavenly choice for people who fear the ultimate judgement that they face. We should never worship angels and only a fallen angel like Lucifer would allow people to worship him in his proud and arrogant attempt to be the lord of your life. Therefore, Jesus is superior to angels’ hands down and is the only Lord that deserves our worship.          Rev. Wayne Marcus