Pastor's Article Aug. 28, 2022

Weekly Article
Have you ever met someone that you liked until you got to know them? I hope that you are not thinking of me right now! It is easy to like the idea of someone or what they may try to portray about themselves, but when we really get to know a person, we start seeing through their facade and issues with their character their real motives begin to shed light on flaws that they have. This is true with every one of us, because we all have flaws, the more you know about a person the more you can see their shortcomings. We can see the problems of others much easier than we can see our own issues. I share this only to point out how amazing God’s grace really is! As we study the Word of God, we realize that God is perfect and the very definition of perfection. He is all knowing, meaning that He knows everything there is to know. He knows everything about me and you. That’s right, God knows me and you better than we know ourselves, and yet He loves us! Therefore, we know that God doesn’t love us because of how we act, or how we think, but because He chooses to love us. He loves us while we are sinners but loves us too much to leave us that way, so he cleans us up, and one day will call us up out of this world to forever be with Him. He is the creator of all things, let that sink in for a moment. ALL THINGS, the moon, the stars, the angels, the whole universe, and everything in it, and He chooses you to be with Him for eternity! WOW! That is Amazing Grace! I know that living in this sin cursed world can be hard and cause you to question the love of God, but remember God’s love is not based upon the circumstances of this world but the sacrifice He gave for it. "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life".
Rev. Wayne Marcus