Pastor's Article Oct, 23, 2022

Weekly Article 
(Judgement House Oct. 23 thru 27,2022)
Judgement House is always a very tiring, long week that brings great challenges and even greater rewards. Normally we see about 10% of the people who come through Judgement House accept Christ as the Lord and Savior of their life. And, which makes it by far the most evangelistic ministry that we have. I count it a great honor to be able to work beside you throughout this next week as we stand shoulder to shoulder, pray, share, and reap a harvest for the Kingdom of God. I realize that the increase is up to the Lord of the harvest but as I look at the fields that are ripe and ready to be picked, I anticipate a great increase. I have been in the ministry for 31 years and have never seen a time where more people were being saved and delivered from this perverse world in which we live. I think God is doing a great work and opening people‚Äôs eyes to be able to see that Jesus Christ is the only hope and is sufficient to meet all their needs. I want to ask you to do three things this week. First, please pray for all of those working in Judgement House and the ones who will be coming through. Secondly, please invite all of those you encounter, to come and experience Judgement House. Third, if you are a part of Judgement House do not let Satan get you discouraged, this will be a week of spiritual warfare. You need to get up each day and dress for spiritual battle and be steadfast and unmovable in your resolve to be a part of Judgement House. Each evening as we begin and each night as we finish, we will be faithful to give God the Honor for all He does.              Rev. Wayne Marcus