Pastor's Article Nov. 6, 2022

Weekly Article
If a person doesn’t grow up and mature normally, it becomes obvious that there are underlying problems at play. The same is true spiritually, if a person is born again and doesn’t move past the elementary stages of their faith, it is because there is a lack of spiritual discipline in their life. Immature Christians struggle with hurt feelings, security issues, jealousy and often battle the temptation of returning to the life of sin that God saved them out of. Deep doctrinal truths often cause them to struggle if they haven’t first gotten a grasp on the basic elementary doctrinal truths of their salvation.
If you want to see some of the battles that immature Christians deal with, a quick reading of Corinthians will help you see the battles often faced. The list is rather humorous; preacher worship, (who baptized who) fornication, church members suing each other, marriage issues, eating food sacrificed to idols, church members drinking alcohol, and hair and clothing issues. All things that can be easily understood and dealt with if a man simply lives His life with the one goal of bringing honor to the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians never have to face much opposition from Satan because they spend much of their Christian life fighting the temptation of the flesh that they struggle to crucify. I want to challenge you to work on growing as a Christian, put forth real effort to be closer to Christ and more like Him daily. The Army of God needs strong soldiers in it if we are going to make an impact in this world.
Rev. Wayne Marcus