Pastor's Article Dec. 4. 2022

This last week we have been trying to get all packed up and ready for our vacation which is exhausting and at the same time exciting. When you are preparing to go somewhere you can’t help but get excited, especially when you have been waiting and planning for a while. I can’t help but think of another trip that I am going on when this life is over. I have been planning this trip for 34 years, and the Way has been set before the foundations of the world. This trip is out of this world and into a perfect place where only perfect people abide. Hannah Kate told her Mimi and I that she was so excited that she wouldn’t even be able to go to sleep. She is excited because she has plans to meet her fairytale princess and Olaf the hilarious make-believe snow man. In her mind the characters she is going to meet are so perfect and special that she can hardly wait. I understand her mindset because the place I am headed to, holds some very special people as well. I am looking forward to meeting my Savior, and a plethora of people that I have been reading about and learning from so long that I feel as though I know them personally. Then there are the people in whom I have known which have gone on ahead of me, so many that I have had the privilege of pastoring and sat at their bedside as they took their last breath here and stepped into this eternal place. My mom and my dad are there, and I so look forward to seeing them again. Yes friend, I understand the excitement of going to a place that is built around special people. You know another thing that makes my journey to heaven better than my vacation trip, the fact that all the expenses have already been paid in full! I am determined to pack and get ready for this trip until the Lord calls me Home, what about it, are you getting ready to go also? I hope you are ready, if not the Way is not a road, but a Person, His name is Jesus and He is waiting for you to call on Him.
Rev. Wayne Marcus