Pastor's Article Sept. 10, 2023

~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
The love of God is nothing short of amazing! When you consider the fact that God loved us, why we are at enmity against Him?  When you realize that He loves us and saved us knowing that we are but dust and will sin after being forgiven and set free from the wages of our sin. When you think about the fact that God is sufficient and complete without our love and yet he chooses to love us anyway. When you contemplate the cost of God loving us, it is Amazing Grace. There are many people who question the fact that God loves them when what ought to be questioned is why we don’t love Him as we ought to.
God wants you to know that He loves you, and that you were created for Him to love. The whole purpose of your existence is to be loved by God and in return to love Him. Please spend some time contemplating how much He loves you as the love of God motivates us to live life at a higher level. When we understand the fact that we are loved by a perfect Holy God, it gives us confidence to tell Him about our trials and troubles and to trust His plans and purpose for our life. Because He loves us, we can cast all of cares upon on Him. Think about this, you are His beloved! Friend rest in the wonderful promise that God so loves you!
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus