Pastor's Article Dec. 31, 2023

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~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
As we start a New Year it is a great time to establish new goals for our life. Like books we want to read, priorities we want to establish, habits or daily routines we would like to start that help us reach our goals. Goals are nothing more than pipe dreams if we do not establish routines that lead to meeting those goals. For instance, if I want to save 1200.00 dollars next year, I need to put back 25.00 dollars a week or 100.00 dollars a month. If I want to read 6 books next year, I need to read 2 books a month and the chapters of the books can be broken up into the days in which it will take me to read those books. Often people get disappointed in their failure to meet goals because they never establish a plan to meet their goal that includes a daily routine that leads them in the direction of completion.

Goals are great and you should pray about what you need to do to better yourself and then establish a plan to reach those goals that discipline your life to that end. You may set a goal and only make it a third of the way to completion, but that is still better than not setting a goal and hitting it. In other words, to try and fail is better than failing to try. I would rather have a goal of saving 1200.00 hundred dollars and only saving 1000.00 than having a goal of saving 0 dollars and accomplishing it. Something is always better than nothing. Decide to be better each day of your life, better at everything God has called you to do as you strive for the "prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus