Pastor's Article/June 6, 2021

Weekly Article
What is the greatest gift you could give your kids? You may be working hard to leave your kids a good robust inheritance and I am sure they will appreciate it someday. It may be in doing that you are teaching the great lesson of hard work and good stewardship which is a wonderful legacy to leave. You may be teaching your kids the importance of a good education and what a blessing that will be to them over the years to come. All of these and many more are great things to leave to your children and yet any of those things without the gift of a strong Biblical faith and world view are short of what they need most in life.

I think it would be safe to assume that we live in a confusing world, many people are trying to figure out if an unborn baby has a right to live if the woman carrying the child is not ready to be a mom yet. Others are struggling to know if they are a boy or a girl or if they are going to like boys or girls. Now the world is trying to teach us that we may be wrong or evil based upon the color of our skin. We are being taught that it is wrong to work hard for what we want if we are not willing to give it away to others who may not want to work hard for what they want. I am getting confused just trying to write how confusing things are and I am a grown man. Can you imagine being a child or a teenager with developing brains and hormones going crazy and trying to find the right path in a world of so many confusing messages.  And not to mention the fact that many of the people who are teaching these crazy things are doing so from a school room or a political platform. If there has ever been a time when our kids need to have a Biblical World view to sort through all of this ungodly teaching it is now. This is where God ordained that you as parents step up to the plate and give real biblical leadership, you are called above all other people to bring your children up to know God, His will and ways. The greatest thing you could possibly give your kids is a Biblical foundation to stand firm on in which they can make wise God pleasing decisions from. If we as a church can help in anyway, we are here for you as you fulfill the greatest calling in your life, that of a parent.
Rev. Wayne Marcus