Pastor's Article March 13, 2022

After two years of dealing with Covid -19 we are finally getting back to somewhat of a normal life. One of the things that we have not been doing over the last two years is our Monday night Outreach Ministry, which we will be starting back up Monday March 14, at 6:00 pm in the fellowship building. We will be doing outreach on the second and fourth Monday night of each month at which time we will be doing some community service projects, prayer walking, outreach door to door visits, visiting with some shut-ins and doing mail outs. We will start each night with a time of prayer, a meal and then break up into groups to accomplish the afore mentioned projects. I would ask each one of you to consider coming and participating in this great time of fellowship and mission work. You will get to decide what you want to work on and will enjoy the fellowship of serving the Lord with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please don’t be apprehensive about being a part of doing what God has called each of us to do as we work to get the church outside the walls of the building.
One thing COVID-19 has done that has hurt the church is allowing us to lose focus on our calling and mission. The whole time we have been dealing with lock downs, social distancing, and isolation, people have still been living life without hope, dying without Christ, and going to Hell. In other words, don’t let getting out of the habit of doing outreach stop you from coming back to outreach. Our mission has not changed, we have a tremendous responsibility to go to the world with the Gospel to be in the highways and hedges compelling people to come to Christ. We must go, and we need you to come with us as an instrumental part of Church. If we all work together, we can make an amazing impact on our mission field. We are counting on you and praying for laborers to come work in the fields that are ripe unto harvest.    
 Rev. Wayne Marcus