Pastor's Article April 10, 2022

Weekly Article
Good Friday is just around the corner and today we can refer to this day that commemorates the crucifixion; as a Good Friday, but the day that Jesus was crucified was a horrible day for Him and His followers. This was a day that seemed like nothing more than a day of defeat and agony as Jesus was led to Golgotha to be hung on a Roman Cross. Jesus had been mocked, rejected, betrayed, beaten, and spat upon as He walked the road that led to the popular place of execution called the Skull. The crowd had gathered, and they wanted to see a blood bath as humanity was at its worse and their power to be cruel was on display. The followers of Jesus had scattered in fear and the haters of Jesus shouted and jeered as they made fun of the Son of God. Satan had the crowd and Jesus’ right where He wanted them. If you had of been there you would not have labeled it as a good Friday, especially as a follower of Jesus. His mother definitely did not refer to that day as good, nor the other Mary, Nicodemus, or the Disciples; to them it was a terrible day. So why do we now refer to it as Good Friday? Today it is considered good because as we look back with hindsight, we understand that this was the day that the payment for our sin was atoned for, the pain and death that Jesus endured was meant for us and taken by Jesus. He paid a debt that day that we could not pay, for it was through His death, burial, and resurrection that we now have eternal life. To put it another way, Good Friday was the day that I received the most valuable gift I have ever been given, the payment for my sin. So join us as we praise God for His love and payment of our sin. Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Rev. Wayne Marcus