Pastor's Article Sept. 4, 2022

Weekly Article
Captain - a person who is at the head of, or in authority over others; chief; leader.
Who is the captain of your life? As I ponder this question, I must ask myself who do I submit to, who do I follow as the authority over my life? In the book of Hebrews 2:10 it refers to Jesus as being the captain of our salvation. Truly, Jesus’ ought to be the captain of our life, and we should be following His leadership in all that we do. It is common for people with tongue and cheek to confess Him as Lord of their life, but is He really the Lord of your life? Is His will your command? For Jesus to be Lord of my life I must be willing to obey Him in every aspect, to surrender my life to His lordship.

I want to challenge you to examine your life to see if every area of your life is under His control, are you raising your children like God wants you to? Are you treating your spouse the way God wants you to? Are you attending and serving in church the way the Lord wants you to? Are you earning and spending your money the way the Lord wants you to? Look closely at your life and in every area make certain that He is your captain. He knows how to navigate through the storms of life and bring you safely to eternity’s shore. Don’t just give Him your sin, give Him the wheel.                     Rev. Wayne Marcus