Pastor's Article Sept. 25, 2022

Weekly Article
It is important to hear what God has to say, so the Lord tells us to hear the voice of the Holy Ghost. When was the last time the Holy Spirit spoke to you and what did you hear Him say? If you are in a relationship with God, you ought to be hearing from Him often and of course know what He is saying. Sometimes we ignore the voice of God because we don’t like what He is telling or leading us to do. There are other times when we hear from God but assign the message to someone else. God wants you to hear what He is saying and be swift in obeying or acknowledging Him. My youngest granddaughter is a professional when it comes to ignoring what she doesn’t want to hear. She won’t look at you, she won’t answer, she simply ignores what you are saying as if it had never been spoken. There are many people in the family of God that have gotten really good at ignoring God and that makes you real bad at living a life that brings honor to Him.
There are people struggle to know what to do in life because they worked really hard at being able to ignore God and now, they can’t figure out how to hear Him. It is an honor to be able to hear from the God of heaven, and a blessing to have Him leading your life. When you don’t like what God says remember that He said it because He loves you and wants to lead you in a blessed life. Please bend your ear to hear from God and obey Him at once.
Rev. Wayne Marcus