Pastor's Article Sept. 3, 2023

In the book of Lamentations, the Prophet Jeremiah is lamenting over the fact that Israel has come to such a depraved state, they love meat more than God. They have become destitute spiritually and think because of the fatness of their eating that they are in good shape. The saddest thing about their sad state is that they don’t even realize how bad off they are because they have become accustomed to stumbling around in the darkness.
What a devastating picture of the Church this is, they have begun forsaking their solemn assemblies on the Sabbath, just like so many have forsaken their assembly on the Lord’s Day. The Nation of Israel looked, dressed, and acted like the pagan nations they had been invaded by. Just as the Church looks and acts no different than the world it is in. The sad state of the Church is not that so many have forsaken the assembly, it is that they don’t miss church when they miss attending church. The things that should be bothersome to the church is now only a bother when the preacher preaches on it. We need reviving, we need to get back to a place where sin convicts us, and wrong offends us, back to a place where we blush and feel uncomfortable around immorality, where we hate the things are an abomination to God and are more concerned with offending the Lord than we are people of the world. We need to walk by faith through the Word of God instead of walking in foolishness in the ways of the world. Please join me in praying for a revival, repentance, and a Holy Ghost move of God in our church.
Rev. Wayne Marcus