Pastor's Article Dec. 3, 2023

~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
What do you need for Christmas? That is a tough and a tricky question, isn’t it? The truth is I don’t need anything that a person can give me. You probably don’t either. If I were to ask my granddaughter what she needed, if she were to be honest, she would say it as the ole Christmas song goes, what she really needs is “her two front teeth” but I can’t give her that. Most of us don’t really need a new toy, or new clothes, what we need is spiritual renewal, a touch from God, maybe health, peace, or maybe companionship, all of which we must rely on God to provide for us. So, let’s ask the question in a different way what did we need most from God? The answer is Christmas, we needed God to become flesh, so He could provide for us what we could not do for ourselves.
We needed a Lamb that could take away our sins, we needed a Savior that could pay our sin debt and give us the righteousness that was required for us to get to heaven. We needed Emanuel, God with us. What I needed most in my life was given to me over 2000 years ago, and revealed to me when I was 21. I needed Jesus Christ to be my Savior and that is what God has given me. So, all my real needs have been met by God and provided to me by grace. When I accepted Christ I found peace, eternal promise, and my created purpose, all wrapped up in one amazing package lying in a manger, living a perfect life, and dying on a cruel cross, and defeating death with resurrection. So that I could live forever. His name Is Jesus Christ and He is my unspeakable, or unexplainable gift. What a wonderful Savior!
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus