Honor To God

Weekly Article For Sunday, August 15, 2021
How much honor does your life bring to God? Remember that you were born and born again to bring honor and glory to God, this is the whole purpose of your life. The Bible teaches us that God is very interested and even determined to form you into a Christian who produces the fruit that you were created to produce. Just this last week I was having a conversation with someone who had just slaughtered a swine that was not able to bear offspring. The sows’ purpose was to reproduce, and it could not, therefore it was put in the freezer as food for the future. You know what your purpose is, and it would be great if today you would examine your life and simply ask yourself the question, is my life being lived to fulfill my God created purpose?
Today if your life is not bringing honor to God, or if you look at it and say it is bringing some honor to God, remember He wants you to produce much fruit and will do what needs to be done in order to increase your production. Please join God as He works in your life and do not try to bring honor to your name or produce fruit for your pleasure. We have been bought with a price and our life is to be lived for His purpose, His pleasure and according to His plan. My greatest joy is realized when I live through His power to reach His potential. Think about all the things you do make your garden produce more and remember that He is the farmer over our lives. God is working to fill His kingdom with fruit from His vineyard. Live your life to fulfill the purpose that God determined when He created you.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus